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Receive, store and exchange all items

in & around the workplace

Automate the collection and exchange of items within your organization, giving you full control.

Our software helps you to save handling time, increase control over assets and provide a smooth internal logistics process.

Convenience & control: On

Excel & frustration: Off

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Parzelo parcel management software
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Join the already 100.000+ users worldwide daily saving money with Parzelo

"In our company, we are dealing with 1,000 parcels a day. This required a team of seven people. Now one mailroom has closed and the team works more efficiently from one location.

Best of all, we receive valuable fashion samples every day, which we can now bring and follow to the right person with full internal track & trace."

Anna, HR Manager at PVH

"With Parzelo combined with our API connection with Servicenow we are fully automized able to register incidents, issue the IT assets and register the assets in the configuration database. As a result of using Parzelo we need significantly less employees on our IT Servicedesk."

Eric, Service Manager at Athora

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Parcel Scanner
parzelo scanner
Internal office assets

Save time and increase control

Scan parcels and effortlessly find the correct recipient

Register assets and automatically notify recipients via email or SMS

Trace and locate all registered parcels and assets


Keep an overview with the clear and user-friendly interface.

Flexible and easy to use

No training needed

Fully customizable process and messaging

Built-in reports giving you 36 months of history for audit

Use with lockers, parcel room or any storage space

booking screen parzelo
Bookings menu parzelo software
register a parcel

Parzelo works with your systems



  • Parzelo links to your ticketing system.

  • Automatically finds your employees.

  • You can sign in easily with SSO.

Parcel room
Parcel lockers
Parcel room


  • Use Parzelo with any storage shelf or space

  • Use Parzelo with locked parcel rooms

  • Parzelo works with any smart locker system

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Parzelo software reduces operating handling costs
by 50-75%.

A quick business case:
10 parcels in/out a day can save you 10.350,- euro's a year

Use Parzelo to simplify internal logistics at your organisation.
Giving you full
control and real-time insights over on-site inventory

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