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Parzelo for mailrooms

Issue and intake of valuable items for media companies, labs, hospitals, construction sites and other stock rooms.

Navigating unique challenges

Keeping track of important items in stock rooms, whether in media companies, labs, hospitals, construction sites, or other environments, comes with its own set of challenges.


Handling delicate items like medical equipment, cameras, or construction materials requires careful attention during both intake and issuance. This can sometimes result in time-consuming processes.


Streamlining workflows for maximum efficiency

Parzelo prioritises efficiency by streamlining equipment intake and issuing processes, offering a user-friendly platform that improves the management of valuable assets.

More efficient request handling with automatic notifications

When a request is made, Parzelo enables staff to efficiently prepare all items. Automatic notifications are sent to alert the recipient once the equipment is ready for collection. 

This not only speeds up the process but also ensures that the location of delicate equipment is documented at every stage of the workflow.

Tracking and monitoring for enhanced security

Parzelo's user-friendly interface ensures smooth tracking and monitoring of inventory, minimising the risk of misplacement. This transparency enhances accountability and overall security for valuable items within stock rooms.

Users can access real-time information on equipment status and location, creating a more organised and productive stock room.

Customisable features for different industries

Parzelo goes beyond basic automation by providing customizable features designed to meet the specific needs of different industries.


Whether overseeing medical equipment in a media production facility or managing specialised tools in a construction site stock room, Parzelo adapts to different requirements. It ensures a versatile solution for various business needs.


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