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Smart asset and parcel software for reception

Parzelo for the reception
Parcel deliveries at the front desk

Parzelo makes managing incoming deliveries simple and efficient. Whether it's a hotel front desk, office building, university, or apartment complex.


When a parcel arrives, simply scan the label and Parzelo's intelligent software will automatically match the parcel to the recipient. They will instantly be notified and can collect their parcel from the receptionist.

Parzelo for stock rooms
Issue and intake of valuable items for media companies, labs, hospitals, construction sites and other stock rooms.

Issuing fragile media equipment such as cameras, tripods, and lenses can be a complex process due to the care they require, which can be time-consuming.
Parzelo makes the intake and issuing of equipment much easier. When a request is received at the AV equipment desk, staff have time to prepare all items and automatically notify the recipient when the equipment is ready to collect.

Asset software for service desks

Parzelo for service desks
Receiving and dispatching IT and
business assets.

Your company can use Parzelo with smart lockers for internal logistics, such as issuing and collecting laptops and phones for employees. Recipients receive automatic notifications when items are ready for collection or drop-off.

You can also use these smart lockers to receive external parcels for employees, ensuring a tidy office floor and secure storage for employee's parcels.

Parzelo for mailrooms
Register and track incoming parcels and safely distribute to recipients

All mailrooms want the same thing, to keep track of incoming parcels until they are safely delivered to the recipient.

You can get started with or without lockers and even use locked or unlocked parcel rooms.

Curious how this works for your company?

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Join the already 100.000+ users worldwide daily saving money with Parzelo

"In our company, we are dealing with 1,000 parcels a day. This required a team of seven people. Now one mailroom has closed and the team works more efficiently from one location.Best of all, we receive valuable fashion samples every day, which we can now bring and follow to the right person with full internal track & trace.
Anna - PVH
"With Parzelo combined with our API connection with Servicenow we are fully automized able to register incidents, issue the IT assets and register the assets in the configuration database. As a result of using Parzelo we need significantly less employees on our IT Servicedesk."
Erik - Athora

Want to see how Parzelo can simplify your daily office parcel logistics?

Reach out to us for more information, or directly schedule an online demo!

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