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Dustin is a leading online based IT partner in the Nordics and Benelux. They help their customers to stay in the forefront by providing them with the right IT solution at the right time. Dustin offers complete IT solutions by bundling hardware, software and service.  
Dustin has a role as aggregator between manufacturers and customers. They are an IT-reseller and offer full service for the process of selling, delivering, returning, and maintainance of the products.
To streamline this process, Dustin aimed to find ways to make delivering and returning IT assets to and from their customers more efficient and less costly. Dustin found this in the collaboration with Parzelo. 

Partnership Parzelo and Dustin

Dustin has incorporated Parzelo in their full service IT solution. By implementing it in their package, Dustin is able to make the IT service more efficient and less costly. Parzelo provides Dustin with a high-end, easy to use software and hardware solution for issuing and returning all kinds of IT assets to and from their customers without the need to invest in inhouse knowledge and development.

Dustin uses Parzelo in combination with smart lockers. They place smart lockers at the IT department of their customers and make sure that there are IT assets in stock in those lockers. These assets can be assigned remotely to a recipient at any given time. At the same time, assets can be returned in the lockers to be returned or repaired. When enough assets are returned to the lockers and it's time to replace them for new stock items, a courier is sent to take the returned assets out and put the new assets in.
Parzelo provides Dustin, and their customers, with an extensive report of the complete journey of the IT assets, providing information like timestamps, locations, and actions that operators performed.

The service that Parzelo provides streamlines the process for both Dustin and their customer. The customer can focus on their core business and Dustin can easily keep an overview of all assets and save more time.

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