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Parzelo is founded by Martijn, Luke, and Dennis, who previously established Parzelo's parent company MyPup in 2014. Frustrated by the illogical and inefficient practices of internal asset management they encountered, they were driven to revolutionise the way organisations handle their assets. MyPup has processed over 1.7 million parcels and assets to date and is used by over 100.000 users.


Drawing on their collective expertise and a shared passion for streamlining operations, they embarked on a mission to bring logic and efficiency to parcel and asset management processes.

At Parzelo, we understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to effectively managing parcels and other types of assets. We recognised the need for a comprehensive solution that optimises asset tracking, reduces time spent searching for equipment, and ensures efficient utilisation across teams.


With this in mind, we developed a powerful cloud-based software platform that simplifies and enhances parcel and asset management processes.

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