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Use Cases

Parzelo can be used in a variety of use cases,

here are some examples of how you can leverage our software

Mailroom management
Use Parzelo to automatically receive, scan, and exchange all incoming and outgoing parcels in the office. 
(IT) asset management
Use Parzelo to automatically register, issue, and return all types of (IT) assets in the office.
Construction companies
Use Parzelo to track the location of your construction tools and prevent theft.
Use Parzelo to automate the registration and exchange process of equipment and exams.
Media companies
Use Parzelo to manage the rental and exchange of audiovisual equipment.

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Join the already 100.000+ users worldwide daily benefitting from Parzelo

"In our company, we are dealing with 1,000 parcels a day. This required a team of seven people. Now one mailroom has closed and the team works more efficiently from one location.

Best of all, we receive valuable fashion samples every day, which we can now bring and follow to the right person with full internal track & trace."

Anna, HR Manager at PVH

"With Parzelo combined with our API connection with Servicenow we are fully automized able to register incidents, issue the IT assets and register the assets in the configuration database. As a result of using Parzelo we need significantly less employees on our IT Servicedesk."

Eric, Service Manager at Athora

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Want to see how Parzelo can simplify your daily office parcel logistics?

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