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Receive, Store & Exchange all items

Get everything you need to improve your parcel and asset logistics management, save time, and optimize accountability. Efficiently register and track parcels and equipment with a simple and effective cloud-based solution.

Parzelo automates the complete process of receiving, storing, notifying, and handing over of all your parcels and assets.

Simplify your processes


Register any kind of shipment. Assign an item to a recipient and log shipment details with your phone or barcode scanner.


Store registered items in your own storage, a secured parcel room, or a smart parcel locker.


Automatically notify employees and recipients when an item is ready to be collected.

Hand over

Receipients can retrieve their item using a unique pick-up code, or receive access to a secured storage environment.

Register your items in a matter of seconds

Simply scan the barcode and Parzelo will do the rest.

Structured storage, designed your way.

Every company has different needs. That’s why we let you choose how Parzelo can shape your business. Combine Parzelo with your own existing storage or utilise the full potential with a secured parcel room or our smart lockers!

Your own storage

Parzelo's intelligent software allows you to easily log and track all of your incoming parcels without requiring a separate storage solution.

This allows you get started right away, without requiring any hardware investments.

Shelf, cabinet, storage room

We integrate with your systems

We understand you don't want to work in yet another system, that is why Parzelo can be fully integrated into your existing systems through an API connection to ensure a fully automated and streamlined process.

Additionally, Parzelo can be connected to your existing lockers, both smart and analog. The system is compatible with several smart lockers systems and we can convert analog lockers to smart ones. Of course we offer our own smart lockers as well!


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Locks & lockers

Start saving time from as little
as 10 parcels a day.

Zwitserleven office client
"We use Parzelo with smart lockers to store and automatically issue all IT resources to our colleagues. 
With Parzelo combined with our API connection with Servicenow we are fully automized able to register incidents, issue the IT assets and register the assets in the configuration database. As a result of using Parzelo we need significantly less employees on our IT Servicedesk."

Eric, Service Manager

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Want to see how Parzelo can simplify your daily office parcel logistics?

Feel free to reach out to us for more information!

Thanks, we'll get back to you shortly!

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