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Your office logistics,
easier than ever

How does it work?


Scan the parcel using your phone or scanner


In a shelving unit

or smart locker


Automatically message  receiver with

SMS or e-mail

Hand over

In-person or

via unmanned locker


Connect your tools to Parzelo

Parzelo offers more than 17 integrations, allowing you to use your preferred work tools to register, keep track of your inventory and control your stock, all in one place.


Parzelo plugins provide flexibility for your workflow, enabling you to work with your company's systems and benefit from all our great features.


Parzelo integrates with several locker systems. You can use your existing lockers or we can provide smart parcel lockers. Contact us to confirm compatibility with your locker system.

integrations parzelo

Ways to manage shipments

Every company has different needs. That’s why we let you choose how Parzelo can shape your business.
Parcel room


Parzelo's intelligent software allows you to easily log and track all of your incoming parcels without requiring a separate storage solution.

This allows you get started right away, without requiring any hardware investments.
parcel and asset management with lockers

Parcel room

Provide controlled acces to a secured parcel room and make sure  recipients are only able to access  this room to collect their shipment.

This also works for internal asset management, like IT or AV assets. 


Combine the full power of Parzelo with smart lockers for the safest and most secure distribution of items.

Safely store items in a locker, allowing your co-workers to retrieve and return them at their convenience.

Why choose Parzelo?

Want to see how Parzelo can simplify your daily office parcel logistics?

Feel free to reach out to us for more information, or use the button below to directly schedule an online demo!

Thanks, we'll get back to you shortly!

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