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Parzelo for universities

Use Parzelo to automate the registration process of parcels and documents such as exams.

Fully audit every transition from person-person, person-locker or per mailbox.


❌ A university mailroom needs to process parcels and documents to multiple site locations.

❌ Recipients visit the frontdesk asking for their parcel, interrupting the working routine.

❌ Operating hours of Servicedesk or Mailroom are not in sync with times when exams are taken. So where to leave these valuable documents?

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Solution with Parzelo

✅ Process parcels and valuable documents such as exams in a full controlled manner.

✅ Each item receives it's own Parcel-ID, allowing automatic notifications, and logging every transition with a timestamp.

Benefit from Parzelo

Managing incoming and outgoing parcels or documents at universities has never been easier.

Parzelo Parcel Management software is a simple, powerful tool that can help your mailroom and frontdesk save time, reduce costs, and improve auditability

Our software is designed with a user-friendly design so no training is required.

With Parzelo, you can reduce operating costs by improving your internal logistics process.

"At Hogeschool van Amsterdam we're able to process all paper exams within 48 hours with the help of Parzelo's registration and smart locker connection, in several buildings of the university."

Canon business Solutions

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Convenience & control: On
Excel & frustration: Off

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