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Parzelo for media companies

Use Parzelo to manage and automate the rental and exchange process of audio-visual and other valuable assets with the help of parcel management software and optional smart lockers.
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Parzelo is a proud partner of
"At VRT we use the lockers for both packages and mailroom, and for the lending service of audio/video materials.

Parzelo is now an extension of the opening hours of the service desk (package and lending) which saves us operating costs and is much appreciated by our staff."



❌ A media company often has (multiple) desks where journalists and staff can lend audio-visual equipment.

❌ Also, the process of collecting, handing over and logging parcels with samples for testing needs to be managed.

❌ Often the service windows of front- and servicedesks do not match the operating hours of its colleagues. So what do you do?

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Solution with Parzelo

✅ Each item that can be rented receives a unique ID. That ID is linked to the recipient, who is logged in the system upon exchange.

✅ As service desk manager you will know what assets are in the hands of who, or has been returned to who, where and when.

Scan and register any item. Parzelo can search your employee database and automatically assign it to any staff member or location.

Parzelo can generate unique labels for each item, making it easy to organise which item belongs to who.


Benefit from Parzelo

Managing incoming and outgoing assets at media companies such as audio-visual equipment has never been easier.

Parzelo Parcel Management software is a simple, powerful tool that can help you save time, reduce costs, and improve your accuracy.

We offer the flexibility to create multiple pick-up points, with or without smart lockers.

With Parzelo, you can reduce operating costs by improving your internal logistics process.

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