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Swiss Post Solutions is a trusted strategic outsourcing partner that delivers throughout the world. With their Enterprise Workplace Solutions, they empower organisations to adopt hybrid work concepts to enhance productivity and flexibility. One of the offerings of SPS is their office logistics solution with which they facilitate mail & parcel management, reprographics service, and asset & inventory tracking. 

In order to streamline this and make it as easy to use as possible for their customers, SPS investigated their options for a possible partner that could deliver a software solution. They found a powerful and trusted partner in Parzelo. 

Partnership Parzelo and SPS

Parzelo supplies SPS with powerful software that can help organisations with parcel management and internal logistics. SPS has integrated Parzelo in the full solution that they offer their customers. By partnering with Parzelo, SPS is able to deliver a smooth and efficient process to automate the mailroom and internal logistics of their customers. The Parzelo software enables a fully automated process for registering incoming parcels, assigning them to the right recipient, and making sure the right recipient receives the right parcel. At the same time, the software is used for the internal logistics of the customers of SPS. They can issue and return valuable (IT) assets to and from employees. 

SPS utilizes the full potential of Parzelo by combining it with our smart lockers. SPS places these lockers at their customers' mailrooms to be used to put in all parcels and valueable assets. The lockers facilitate an even safer and more accurate process. 

Customers of SPS can integrate Parzelo with their ticketing system using our API to fully automate the process. The users of the software are using the same system they have always been using, but with more functionalities. This means they do not have to work in yet another system. Finally, SPS is able to offer their customers a complete and extensive report about all their parcels that go through the mailroom as well as all assets that flow through the organisation. This report contains information about the complete journey of all items including timestamps, locations, and users. 

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