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Parzelo for
IT hardware logistics

Use Parzelo to automatically register, issue, and return all types of IT assets in the office. Save handling time, always know where each asset is, and ensure every asset gets to the right person at the right time.
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Parzelo is a proud partner of
“We use Parzelo with smart lockers to store and automatically issue all IT resources to our colleagues. For example, when a laptop needs replacement.

With Parzelo combined with our API connection with Servicenow we are fully automized able to register incidents, issue the IT assets and register the assets in the configuration database. As a result of using Parzelo we need significantly less employees on our IT Servicedesk.”

Eric, Service manager at Athora


❌ Managing internal distribution and returns of IT assets takes a lot of time

❌ Manual registration in Excel and (repeating) manual notifications create unnecessary frustration at the IT service desk

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Solution with Parzelo

✅ Register, assign, and hand over assets in a matter of seconds.

✅ Your colleagues instantly receive notification with a Pickup code, assigned to their item. 

Scan and register any item. Parzelo can search your employee database and automatically assign it to any staff member or location.

Parzelo can generate unique labels for each item, making it easy to organise which item belongs to who.


Benefit from Parzelo

Managing the internal logistics for IT assets in the workplace and saving on operating costs for offices has never been easier.

Parzelo IT Asset Management software is a simple, powerful tool that can help you save time, reduce costs, and improve your accuracy.

Our software is designed with a user-friendly design to exchange IT assets, parcels, or other items with ease.

With Parzelo, you can reduce operating costs by improving your internal logistics process.

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